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Street Team

We are excited that you show an interest in joining our Street Team!

Do you have a passion for music?

If you answered yes then you can rest assure we do to. We are looking for people that are either into music & looking to spread the word, or upcoming artists looking to join a team & build.

Are you looking to build a following & represent a team?

Bloggers, vloggers, Streamers, influencers, & content creators. The list goes on! We are looking to create a group that have passion for music whether you react to it, write about it, create it, or dance to it doesn't matter. We'd like to get Rhode Islanders even more on the map then we already are through music. Even if you are just starting & need a boost we are down to work with you.


Its all about the people you meet & the experiences you gain whether its a negative one or a positive one. Each day we are looking to gain personal growth as well as growing as a community. We are currently working with Movin' Artists to really promote each other. Like Movin' Artists lets blur the lines of what we view as competition.

Thanks for submitting!

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